Look #45 Allure - Midnight Leggings & Lotus Zipper Stiletto

Dears Readers

I'm here again..I was in real life with my family. So great to be offline for a while enjoying my real life...But, I don't forget you...Today, I will write about  Allure. This is a specialized store in mesh clothes. Great colors and textures in each garment of Allure. It has a new line of leggins, so faboulous, each pair includes a top. Five standard sizes. The perfect complement is another new release *Lotus Zipper Stiletto*.

The good news is that if you join to Allure Group, you can get a lot of groupgifts. These are high-quality garments and each one represents a design of everything offered in Allure. Free suscription!!

In the next photos, Widelmina wears *[R] Allure Midnight Leggings (M-Blue-Carbon* & *[R] Allure Lotus Zipper Stiletto (M-Black-Leather) - Slink High Feet*

Go to Allure. You won't regreat.


Look #44 Lavarock Creations - Simone Strapped Dress

Dears Readers.

Blogger Moday...11:05 pm (Mex.) I show you the most recent design from Edumetal Lavarock: *Simone Strapped Dress*. Leather & Metal style: LAVAROCK CREATIONS put on sale mini dress with HUD color. You have 20 options of  dress textures; 5 options of metals; 10 straps and 12 laterals. This is a mesh garment, 5 sizes standard. HQ in each texture. 299 L!!! Great Price!!!

Go to LAVAROCK CREATIONS and buy it!!!!

Look #42 Glam Dreams - Skull Corset Dress


Monday...24:15 am time Mexico City (22:15 slt)...I'm blogging now. Today, I show you the new releases from Glam Dreams. This store celebrates Halloween with *Skull Corset Dress* inspirates in Pirates. This a beautiful garment, the corset has a  floral printed so beautiful, the colors of  the flowers distinguish of black color. Includes: Boots and Mesh Skull & Rose Eye Patch and Hat. 

In next photos, Widelmina wears  *Skull Corset Dress*, she complements it with a sword no included it. The hat has a skulls and flower, I love it!! You will look as sexy pirate in Halloween. Go to Glam Dreams and buy it!!!