Look #50 LUXE Paris - Spooky Cave Hunt & Jumpsuits

Hello beautiful ladies!!!

11:43 pm Mex. time and I finished making some photos and I have a great notice: LUXE Paris celebrates Halloween with a wonderful hunt "Spooy Cave Hunt". There are gifts for girls and boys. You must find little polka dots boxes. There are four gifs for us and four gifts for boys. The great notice is that there is a new release as gift: **Picassa Dress** (Already Posted) and three amazing gifts.

The next photo, Widelmina wears one the gift of the hunt: *LUXE Paris Womens Halloween Gift 2. - Pyjama Tshirt Dress** You can make many stylings with this garment. Widelmina her Tshirt Dress with sky blue pantyhose. She complements her outfit with a bag style postman. This is a casual style, perfect to Fall/Winter 2014.

Another gift from LUXE Paris : **Picassa Dress**. Interesting data: The texture of the dress is a painting in rl of Mika Palmyra, Co-President of LUXE Paris. She is a great artist, her influence is the Cubism.


LUXE Paris put on sale a new collection of jumpsuits. Parisian Skytower inspirates in art of Mika Palmyra has created this wonderful garment: **Abstract Jumpsuit**. 100% mesh, five standard sizes.

Another new release from LUXE Paris: **Vichy Queen Jumpsuit** 100% mesh, five standard sizes.

Go to LUXE Paris. There are interesting proposals for you. 

See you <3


Look #49 FINESMITH- Have you found the with pumpkin?

Beloved readers.

FINESMITH, specialized store in Jewelry Art, celebrates Halloween with a amazing hunt. You must find 11 white pumpkin in the store. You will get beautiful accesories, examples: Headpieces, wings, Slink Nails (Hand & Foot), heels. Perfect accesories for the next celebration. Each pumkin cost 50 L.

Widelmina wears  FINESMITH BLEEDING- Headpiece black &  Bat Shirt black. I love my styling, I'm chic vampire :P. FINESMITH pumpkin #08 & #10.

Second photo. Widelmina wears other accesories: FINESMITH - Disappear-Bodysuit  & Ghost story set. FINESMITH pumpkin # 01 #06

See you soon!!! Kisses.


Look #48 Glitter- New releases coming soon- Black is black.

Hello ladies.

I'm here again...07:36 pm Mex. time, I show you two wonderful designs from GLITTER. Shine Messmer (designer and owner of this brand) has created the elegance and glamour in GLITTER- *Sophisticated* and GLITTER- *Tiffany Dress*. These garments will be put on sale soon. Virtual Fashion by Widelmina Zeminoba tells you before for you´re ready. 

Both garments are beautiful. Perfect stylings, you can choose: Casual chic or Formal . Excellent textures, five standard sizes and include accesories: Hat, glasses, gloves, purse and ornaments. For this reason, each design has a hud for change color: Black, white or red. The outfits are mesh.

First photo, Widelmina wears GLITTER- **Sophisticated**. I look so casual chic. The black blazer is perfect with tutu skirt. The tie,glasses and purse give a chic touch. Two huds includes: Color texture accesories and Six hand poses gloves (Fifmesh).

Second photo, Widelmina wear GLITTER- **Tiffany Dress**. I love the elegance of this dress and textures of fabric. Includes: Gloves, hat, purse and glasses. You will have two huds: Color texture accesories and Six hand poses- gloves (Fifmesh).

Widelmina complements her outfit with a **Wagner's Lament Necklace** from CHOP ZUEY COUTURE

See you soon ladies!!!!