22 may. 2015

Celestina's Weddings - Coming soon new designs.

Another post in night....

My second post of the day is about Celestina's Weddings. Sofia Corleone, owner and designer of this brand has created two beautiful gows. In 1st photo, my avatar wears "Trinity Gown". 100% MESH, five standard sizes and alpha layer. "Trinity Gown" is a elegant gown with a touch vintage.

"Trinity Gown"will be available coming soon in three colors: Champagne, Red and Black. Includes beautiful pearl earrings. Widelmina wears "Trinity Gown- Red" with enVOGUE-Emily.

Another new creations will be on sale coming soon is "Tuprinceza Saviad-MMV2015". This dress is a tribute to elegance and good taste. Perfect for demanding women with a high sense of class.  "Tuprinceza Saviad-MMV2015" is partial mesh, include jewelry. Celestina's Weddings. is the best option if you want to look glamorous. Five standard sizes and alpha layer. 

Petit Chat - Amazing creations for PENUMBRA & SNEAK PEEK 2015

Hello ladies.

If you were not in Penumbra S/S15 - Fashion Show 16th and 18th May you will be interested about this post. Petit Chat showed its exclusives designs for the most prestigious Fashion Events in SL. In the next photo, my avatar wears "Gone with the wind" (Art Fashion). This is a gorgeous garment, 100% mesh, five standar sizes. Includes a black petals as shoulder-ornament. "Gone with the wind" is a tribute to vintage style and elegance. The making and printed is High Quality. Each datail is sensual and glamorous. 

Petit Chat ArtFashion is a specialized product line using some of  digital artworks by Trinity Yazimoto  Every piece of digital artworks are reworked in order to be used as fabric on her fashion products.

"Gone with the winds" will be on sale coming soon. Price: 480L. 
Materials enabled, petals shoulder resizable. 

enVOGUE HAIR - Clarissa
[MANDALA]pearl rain 2 earrings

Another exclusive design from Petit Chat is "Dancing with Light". This amazing dress with beautiful complements is the new collection fro Trinity Yazimoto. The outfit includes :  Rigged mesh dress in 5 standard sizes. Copy. Mesh jewellery set (including necklace, earrings, bracelets). Copy. and resizable. Mesh hadpiece. Copy. and resizable and 1 alpha layer.

Remember: Petit Chat ArtFashion is a specialized product line using some of digital artworks by Trinity Yazimoto.  Every piece of digital artworks are reworked in order to be used as fabric on her fashion products.

"Dancing with Light" will be on sale coming soon. Price: 480L. 

I love this design. Original, HQ making and textures. The complements are perfect and fancy. 

Also, Petit Chat is participatin in SNEAK PEEK- Penumbra SS15. In this week, Petit Chat offers you a new collection of mini dress. I show you: "Fizz-Aqua". Collection : Regular/spring/summer 2015. Textures created by Trinity Yazimoto.  Five standard sizes (XXS, XS, S, M, L). Three versions available : sand, cherry and aqua. Materials enabled. Perms : Copy 

"The materials give a subtle contrast with a peach skin velvet effect, which makes it always soft to the touch". By Trinity Yazimoto.

[MANDALA]777 jewelry set Yellow- Earring.

21 may. 2015

TOPAZIA - Saraly Dress

Hello Ladies!!

This day I show you the new release from TOPAZIA. "Saraly Dress" is a beautiful mesh design, perfect for the women that fascinates them exploiting their sensuality with elegance. Available 11 colors/Patterns. Five standard sizes. 

Widelmina wears "Saraly Dress- dark teal" by TOPAZIA. Complements her outfit with jewelry from [MANDALA] Prophecy(Midnight)- Necklace. "Saraly Dress" is a amazing dress for this reason does not need a lot of accesories. The making of the design is complete and very beautiful  for this reason you will be radiant with few accessories.

Go to TOPAZIA. There are groupgifts and a mini hunt....May-New GroupGift. Join group, fee 150L. It's worth it.