3 jul. 2015

The Instruments Blood & Fire - Last Days!!! .::JUMO::. - Lyrical Bizarre - ZANZE - POSESION

Hey girls!!!

Did you go to The Instruments- Round Blood & Fire? Yes or No? If you have gone, you must go now!! There are amazing creations from international designers. The best brands of Second Life are The Instruments. For this reason, my post is about three important brands: .:JUMO:.Lyrical Bizarre and ZANZE

.:JUMO:. has created a excluive design named "Mother of Dragons". This is a partial mesh garment, elegant gown with flexis, heels, jewelry and headpiece. Pure creativity inspired in Games of Thrones. Widelmina wears "Mother of Dragons" green version from .:JUMO:.. My avatar look spectacular and gorgeous. I complement teh styling with a new release from Rowne-Raquel Ponytail and make up from Nuuna-Tilda green.

Second brand is Lyrical Bizarre with "Rhys" for The Instruments-Blood & Fire Round. Beautiful gown in blue and creme tones. Includes tiara and necklace. You will feel to be in a episode of Games of Thrones. This is a mesh garment 100%. Widelmina weare "Rhys" by Lyrical Bizarre with a hair from Tameless-Venus Cocoa . 

Third participant designer: ZANZE. Amazing creation in blue and white tones: "Provocateur - Modern Mother". Mesh gown dress with a High Quality in the floral printed. Five standard sizes. Widelmina wears this amazing creations from ZANZE with make up from Slackgirl (other participant brand at The Instruments) "Dragon Shadow" (available at this event and posted). The perfec complements for "Provocateur - Modern Mother" are the new Headpiece and earrigns from FINESMITH  of the set "Wave".

Finally, I used two poses of the new set from POSESION- Throne. Other brand participant at The Instruments.

Wicca's Wardrobe at FAD - The Fantasy Collective - FamouStation

Hi ladies!!!

Today, I'm goint to post about the three important events where Wicca's Wardrobe is participating. 1st event is FAD (Fashion Event). You will find three exclusives design from Wicca's Wardrobe: "Summer Breeze Dress" "Manon Heels" and "Teatime Hat". The hat is a original a creative proposal, perfec complement for "Summer Breeze Dress". Mesh dress, five standard sizes. At Wicca's Wardrobe -FAD (Fashion Event) you will find two colors more: Yellow and Blue. "Manon Heels" are mesh creation for Slink High Feet. 

Widelmina wears "Summer Breeze Dress"-Purple with "TeaTime Hat and Manon Heels" -Purple. Complements her styling in this photo with jewelry from PurpleMoon-Venice.

In next photo, Widelmina wears "Summer Breeze Dress-Purple from Wicca's Wardrobe -FAD (Fashion Event) with a NEW RELEASE from Virtual Diva Couture- Pink Champagne. 

I want to talk about the theme of hairs from Virtual Diva Couture. Some person argue that the Virtual Diva Couture's hair are design without quality and each hair have severe faults of making. Well, I have a news for these people: "The problem is no Virtual Diva Couture. The problem is your card graphic and your processor type. Second Life demand a lot ram memory and quality graphic. If you are a person that loves to be in sl everyday and every time as me.....News!!!: your computer will be presenting graphic level fault. Second Life is a play very fat for some computers. If you want High Quality and advanced performance, you must buy a computer special for games, example: ALIEWARE!!

I show you a photo with a new release from Virtual Diva Couture-Pink Champgne. Look my picture and judge. The hair looks wonderful in my avatar.

Next photo: Where is the faults? I don't see it.....

Another important event of fashion is The Fantasy Collective where Wicca's Wardrobe is participating with exclusives designs: "Amelie Dress" and "Head Piece Romance". Both designs are 100% mesh. Widelmina wears these models in pink version. Other available color at The Fantasy Collective : LimeGreen.

"Headpiece Romance" by Wicca's Wardrobe at The Fantasy Collective include two headpieces: Righ and left. You will find  another headpiece in gold version.

More from Wicca's Wardrobe!!! 24th of June began the round of FamouStation. The train stopped in Paris and we created two original mesh designs. The "Nettie Dress" and the "Josephine Hat" are available in 3 differnt colors. For the dress we included for each color a texture change HUD to chose between 3 different fabrics and patterns. The event is up for one month till around the 20th of July.

Widelmina wears "Nattie Dress" with "Josephine Hat" version blue from Wicca's Wardrobe at FamouStation. If you take a tp to Wicca's Wardrobe at FamouStation, you will find the green version.

1 jul. 2015

SASCHA'S Designs / FINESMITH / SHEY - Three international brands in a post.

Hello ladies!!!

Today, I'm going to post about three international brands in the market of second life: Sascha's Designs, FINESMITH and SHEY

Sascha Frangilli, owner and designer of Sascha's Designs has created two new wonderful design and new line of heels. 1st design is a beautiful gown named: "Frida". 100% mesh the base dress mermaid curt with a sensual open back and choker. Includes three types of prim skirts (you can add tthe one you like to base dress or wear it totally mesh). 

Widelmina wears "Frida-Turquoise" by Sascha's Designs without attach prim skirt. Complements her styling with hair from Zibska-Alix. Make up by SlackGirl -Linda Eyeshadow. 

Next photos, I show you the new release from FINESMITH: "Wave" (Necklace, earrings and headpiecewith a new release (posted) from SHEY: "Jaxia Tube Dress" with a new line of heels from Sascha's Designs. Widelmina wears FINESMITH-Wave. Jewelry set silver and white gold with onix pearls. Includes necklace, earrigns and ring. My avatar uses a hair from Zibka modified for me - Bluma. And make up from SlackGirl -Linda Eyeshadow. Sascha's Design has created "Cheeky Heels- Black". This collection is available in Gacha Machine The Gacha machine contains 15 pairs of Cheeky shoes : NORMAL:* Mauve * Pink * Vanilla * White * Red * Gold * Aqua * Blue * Lavender * Sun * Magenta * Purple * Green. RARE: * Beige * Black

The Cheeky shoes are made for the Slink High Feet. Each pair of shoes is Transfer so you can swap shoes Price: 70 L

Next photo. Widelmina wear another beautiful design from Sascha's Designs: "Claire Dress-Fuchsia". This is a casual dress, perfect to warm days or tropical cities. The printed is floral and the curt is pouf style. I complement my avatar with groupgift July from FINESMITH - Perach Set Jewelry, includes necklace, earrings ad ring. Also, she wears "Cheeky Heels-Aqua". Available at Gacha Machine.