31 may. 2016

Strappy and Angle...What do you do prefer? Both are perfect Go to VERO MODERO and look for them.

Pretty women, hello!!!

Midnight and I'm still posting. In this time, I'm going to write about  [VERO MODERO]. This fabulous brand puts on sale a new club dress entitle: "Strappy". The dress have two patterns, metal strapless details and comes with eight sizes for any shape and body. 

I love to make rocker styles  and "Strappy" gave me the opportunity of play with my imagination. Widelmina Zeminoba looks as metal girl. She will be with Mr. Memphisto at the next Metal Fest. Complements: 

* eXxEsS : LARA A Hair.
* **RE** Bow Leather Glove Maitreya.
* Nasal piercings from MONS / May Group Gift 2016.
* phedora. Andromeda Boots Maitreya Lara

Next picture, Widelmina wears "Angle" by [VERO MODERO] Casual dress with  deep "V" neck 100% mesh, five standard sizes. Perfect for this summer. You will look so chic. The colors are totally trend, the contrast is fabulous. My avatar wears the following complements:

* Sunglasses Maricat by PANAVIA.
* Earrigns, necklace CHIC by Swallow.
* Hair Von Von by Vanity Hair.

Happy Shopping, ladies!!!
See you soon. Kisses.

30 may. 2016

Come to me Shane, come to me. You make me feel unique and glamorous.


I have another fabulous news for you: Kendrasy Creations put on sale a fabulous gown entitled: "Shane". Femenine, elegant and glamorous. More ruffles for us, this is the trend topic of de fashion at second life. Kendrasy Crations could not stay behind. "Shane" is a perfect option if you plan to go to gala party or important event. "Shane" includes: Apply for Maitreya and Slink body mesh, also classic avatar version. Hud color mix & match 25 pantones for dress, ruffle and ruffle skirt. 

Widelmina Zeminoba wears "Shane" by Kendrasy Creations in red color. Complements:

Yasum*Nose Piercing *Gold*.
Amacci Hair Betty ~ Jet Black.

Go to Kendrasy Creations. There are fabulous casual outfits for you. If you prefer the chic styles, you will find amazing dress. See you. 

I'm Venus: Goddess of love, please take me to your leader. Dream with me and go to my purple world.


Monday 30th!! May is ending and the designers at second life don't cease to work. This post is about another great designer from .:AMUI:. Avant Garde Style, ruffles and ruffles, totally in trend Spring/Summer 2016. "Venus" is a original creation, 100% mesh, predominate colors purple, white and black. Includes beautiful boots in purple color. Amazing outfit, it's perfect for ladies that like to be autentic and unique.

Widelmina Zeminoba wears "Venus" by .:AMUI:., she complements her style with: 

AZOURY - Sunglasses Perception (Black).
* ^^Swallow^^ Nasal tips Silver Piercing.
* Zibska - Vesna Hair - Black.
* Star Outlet - Spoty Pantyhose.

See you soon, happy shopping!!!